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Spartan Paracord Bracelet



*Size in length:
S - 17/18cm
M - 19/20cm
L - 21/22cm

Material: Stainless Steel & 550 Survival Paracord

The Spartan Helmet has a rich history and is known as a symbol of strength, loyalty, courage, and power. Dedicated to war, Spartans were known for their legendary physical and mental strength and their intense dedication to the defense of their city.

Their enemies feared the sight of Spartan warriors, shields raised, lances ready, and their helmets gleaming. Sparta was a strong city and her men gladly laid down their lives to defend her.

While many recognize the Spartan helmet symbol, let’s take a deeper look at the history of how this helmet became a symbol of warrior strength and why today’s fighting forces and action adventure fans still recognize its power.

Why Paracord Bracelet?

Beside the way they look, if the need arises, you can unravel your bracelet and use it to:
  • Tie up gear
  • Make a shelter
  • Use the inner core for fishing line or sutures
  • Use inner strands to mend fabric
  • Make a splint for a broken limb
  • Hang game for drying
  • Make a perimeter trip line for warning
  • Use as a tourniquet

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