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About Us

Empire of the Gods was born in the fall of 2012 in Germany. We started as small store and today Empire of the Gods is a worldwide recognized brand known for its unique history jewelry collections.


At Empire of the Gods, we believe that fashion is a business of optimism, and in that spirit, we continue to grow and evolve. Our motive is old world charm meets innovation and style.     


Empire of the Gods has superior skilled craftsmen and designers. Every piece we create speaks itself about the sentiments, manual effort and time that went into creating it. So, the jewelry has the power to touch human’s hearts. Each and every piece of jewelry is exquisite and exclusive. Our designers convert their thoughts and ideas into designs. Our engineers then transform those designs into reality. Finally, the master goldsmiths craft and complete the finishing of each jewelry piece.    


Empire of the Gods has broken ground time of handcrafted jewelry industry and again with a brilliant legacy of exceptional designs. We have a huge fan following now.

For better shopping experience, Empire of the Gods has introduced mobile shopping and new retail partnerships. This has helped us in bringing opportunities for our favorite customers, in more ways… with a fresh and awe inspiring style. We help our customers possess style – because fashions fade, style is eternal.

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